Yes, please keep certain pieces!

February 18, 2016

Even though you’ve decided to do a sale to convert your stuff to cash, remember that you should not feel required to get rid of absolutely everything! We counsel our clients to take a breath as they are worrying about getting the houses cleaned out, and the Next Chapter culture is to remind clients that not everything has to be sold.

At Next Chapter Estate Sales and Household transitions, we often counsel our clients to take a careful look at certain pieces and consider NOT selling them. Yes, we do make a commission for everything that is sold, but we care about the well-being of our clients.

For example, we were conducting a Next Chapter Estate Sale that included some vintage concert posters. There was one poster featuring a concert in New York City that our client had attended as a teen with her mom.  Of course, we had no idea about the memories associated with the pieces, and just saw the item as a highly collectible concert poster. After hearing the story, our folks removed the item from the sale and returned it to our client. We knew she would miss it later!

For Next Chapter, we caution our clients to be sure and keep anything that has value to them. That doesn’t mean that the items are high-priced with considerable monetary value. The point is that value does not always mean cash value. We ask our clients to consider keeping family heirlooms, collectibles that their children or grandchildren may want later, and memorabilia that connects the client to a lasting memory. Those are the types of factors we ask our clients to consider as they are choosing which items not to include in the sale. Basically, we say never sell your memories.

As you consider a household transition sale, remember that it’s not important to sell everything in order just to clear out the house.  (And, of course, please don’t just give it all away!)  It’s most important that you not sell your memories just because you want everything out of the house!  Next Chapter doesn’t require that.