A year full of thanks!

December 22, 2016

When we started Next Chapter Estate Sales and Household Transitions a little over a year ago, we thought we were just going to help people sell household goods and make some money for everyone involved.  Sounded like a pretty simple process all things considered.

Of course, we did do a lot of selling, but we also realized that we offer a lot more depending on the different needs of the people we serve.  The overwhelming nature of needing to clean out a loved one’s belongings as they deal with grief touched our hearts more than a couple of times.  Of course, we also helped people who were trying to fit a very large, round peg into a very small, square hole!  The look of relief when we explained how we do what we do made us realize a few things.

What we do is not really about selling stuff.  In many cases, it’s about removing stress for those who are just trying to figure out a way to find peace.  And, just as each person is different, they way he or she deals with the situation is different.  We provide a game plan than helps provide hope that everything is going to be OK.  That look of recognition on our clients’ faces makes everything worth it!

From a personal standpoint, we’ve also met so many wonderful people along the way this year . . . both customers and families we have served.  We have made new friends and are looking forward to building relationships.  As we work with our clients, we have come to share in their experiences with their family members and provide them some emotional support during a tough time.  In the end, we all have the ability to help others in some way in a time of need, and we think Next Chapter is one way we are able to do that.

Finally, the side benefit from all our travels has been our ability to grow closer as a family as we helped other families.  Also, we’ve added new “members” to our family as we have forged relationships with people who have helped us with our sales.  For us, that has been the greatest benefit of all!

For all the many aspects of Next Chapter, our family and our associates are very thankful.  Thanks to everyone who have made this interesting, fulfilling , memorable and exciting.

One quick footnote:  As you celebrate the joys of the holiday season,  please remember those who are experiencing their first holiday season without an important person in their lives.  Pray that the empty chair will be filled with memories, and that he or she will find a way to celebrate the legacy.

Happy Holidays!