What we learned this summer!

August 22, 2016

Looking back on our last post, it’s been over a month since we provided any new comments.  So, where have we been?  In a word:  everywhere!

Yes, it has been a busy summer at Next Chapter.  Here’s a few lessons we’ve learned that will make it easy for you when getting ready for an estate/tag sale.  They are in no particular order.

  • Like items together.  When sorting through the household goods, it will help if you put similar items together in order to determine what you have.  Find room to put all your lamps along one wall.  Gather crystal and cut glass from all your different storage areas and put them on a large, flat surface.  Position all your vintage linens on one bed.  That’s how we begin our organizational process, it helps you to see duplicates, broken pieces, and so forth.  Then, you can decide what to keep, what to sell and what should be donated or thrown away.
  • Not for Sale.  As you go through the house, please put some type of sticky note on items you will not be able to remove from the house but you want to be sure are not sold.  Just a note with “NFS” helps.  We’ll replace those notes with our own Next Chapter signs.
  • Safe area.  Choose a closet, bathroom or storage space you can use to place items you are sure you want to keep. (It’s OK to choose several areas as needed.)  Of course, personal mementos go in first!  As our Next Chapter team continues organizing for the sale, we’ll continue placing items in your safe area. Out of sight, out of mind as far as our customers are concerned.
  • Trash it.  As you are working through the house and find items that are broken beyond repair, then go ahead and create a trash box, bag or plastic container.  Although there may be some vintage and antique items that customers will purchase regardless of condition, other items will just be tossed as we organize for the sale.  Our Next Chapter team understands how items not worthy of being sold actually harm the integrity of the sale.
  • Personal items. All our Next Chapter folks are trained to watch for personal items, such as family photos and family Bibles. It’s a good idea to spend some quality time doing nothing except looking for family memories.  As we always say, never sell your memories!
  • Open items.  Because so many things can happen when using opened items, we are not able to sell them.  That includes household cleaners, toiletries and food.  The liability of selling them is too great. Take some time to go through bathroom vanities, kitchen sinks, utility areas and garages to place any opened or used items in a holding area.  Of course, you can give them to someone else or use them yourself.
  • Paint. As with opened items, we are not able to sell paint.  And, it’s very difficult to throw away in order to protect our environment.  Our Next Chapter folks actually give it away, which is a pleasant surprise for our customers.

These suggestions help make certain that you are in control of what is included in the sale.  At Next Chapter, our biggest concern is making sure we don’t sell something that we shouldn’t sell, and presenting the best possible sale for our client’s household goods.