The Nutshell.

Basically, we sell what you don’t want.

Your household has changed and you have things you can’t use. We sell everything for you and receive  a percentage of the sale. That’s it in a nutshell.

Getting started . . . as your consultant, we begin with a visit to the house where we talk about your needs.  We ask a few  questions, take a look at what you have, and then create a plan for conducting a successful sale.  We provide you with four documents before any commitment is expected, which includes:  an agreement, a marketing plan for the sale, a timeline, and a quote of expenses.

Before the sale.  Our team applies its retail marketing experience to present a top-notch sale.  We believe presentation is everything.  That means beautifully displayed merchandise, individually priced with professional price tags, placed in an organized sales floor.  (No magic-marker signs anywhere!)

During the sale. We want each customer to have fun, and feel we are ambassadors of our clients. Our easily recognizable customer service team loves answering questions and getting to know our customers as they shop.

Also, our Suggested Offer program allows customers to make a sealed bid on selected items as they shop.  If an eligible item does not sell, then we will accept suggested, sealed offers.  At the end of the sale, we decide whether to accept the offer and contact the customer.  As customers shop, we encourage them to look for the Suggested Offer designations and ask for details about the program.

After the sale.  We provide options and to help  find a home for anything that may not have sold.  That could include suggesting our Second Chance consignment program which helps find a home for treasures that did not sell.

So, breath a sigh of relief, hand us the keys and let the de-stressing begin!  Put our experience to work for you, and we’ll work hard to make you smile.  Let’s get started!

One size does not fit all, but our sample agreement offers a few suggestions on partnership with you:   Next Chapter Sample Agreement. 

Of course, consultations are always free and you are under no obligation in any way.


A few things we do at each sale.

Customer service is our passion!  We work hard to make sure each customer leaves being happy that they came.  Here’s how  we do that.

Before arriving.  We offer on-line sign up where customers can send an email to save a place in line.  Then, they show up at about 10 minutes before we begin and are allowed to enter by order of sign up. (Benefit for the client:  no camping out in the front yard.)  Also, we make our internet listings detailed by category and photos in order to make preparation for the sale easier for the customer.

As the customers enter.  Our team greets  everyone at the front entrance and tells a little bit about our clients and what they will see inside. In this way, it provides some insight about the house and helps set the stage.

Shopping is fun!  As you may know, shopping is the number one leisure activity and that’s because it is fun.  We love doing what we do, and make sure our customers have fun.   Our team loves encouraging the thrill of the hunt.

Free-cycle. We offer items that are totally free with any purchase.  That includes opened containers, paint, partially used items, damaged pieces and other items we choose not to sell.

Pick Up.  We don’t require customers to pick up large items on the day of the sale.  We work with customers to schedule a pick up day, and offer referrals for moving services as needed.

Receipts.  Each customer receives a computer-generated receipt for his or her purchase.  We also share a copy of each receipt with our clients.

Discounts. As each sale is different, the mark-down schedule is different.  Just ask and we’ll let you know what will be marked down and when.

As our customers provide more feedback, we’ll keep adding to the list!

The Result.

Here’s how we all make money.

First of all, presentation is everything!  We work hard to showcase your treasures in the best possible way and make everything look great.  Our team has years of retail experience and has been conducting successful sales for nearly 15 years.  We understand what it takes to encourage the customer to buy.

Of course, pricing is just as important.  We draw upon our experience to set the best price for the goods, and then ask experts for additional advice as needed.  Research is important.  Fortunately, we have a wealth of resources from which to draw to evaluate pricing as needed.

Finally, our team has won international awards in retail marketing and has over 35 years of retail and customer service experience. We want every person who visits the sale to have fun and remember the experience in a good way.  Our passion for the business shows!

The Starting Point.

It begins with making contact.

From left to right, we are Judy, Ed and Sharon . . . all siblings working together as Next Chapter.  Give us a call or send an email letting us know you need help.

We all get started as soon as we hear from you!  Our first step is meeting you on site to talk about your needs.  Your consultation is free, and we provide a plan of action that explains everything to you. We’re a family-run business who has been through our own transitions, and we care most about helping others.

As soon as we have answered all your questions and you are ready to get started, we draw upon our trusted resources in order to fully staff and conduct your sale as well as evaluate and prepare for the sale.  We’re backed by a great team of folks.

We hope to see you soon!