Our goal for you:  no stress!

We’ll help you manage change.

As the famous philosopher Winnie The Pooh said, the beginning is a very good place to start! We understand the challenges you face and want to help.

Each transition has its own type of emotions and difficulties. We start by meeting with you to provide our best advice on how to move forward. There is never any obligation to get our advice.  All consultations are free!

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Sample agreement.

Please take a look at this sample agreement which explains more details about the process.  Of course, each customer has individual needs, and we adapt the agreement to make it fit the situation.

When we meet, we review the key details and explain the process in a simple way.  Before we get started, you’ll receive:  an agreement; marketing plan for the sale; estimated cost of the sale; and, a timeline.    We try to answer any questions up front!

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