Second in our series: Making Your Transition Easier!

February 19, 2018

This week’s topic:  yes, it can be done!

At Next Chapter, we’ve experienced some interesting situations to say the least.  In fact, each client offers a different type of challenge for us in presenting an organized, beautifully displayed and very “shopable” sale.

Lately, we’ve experienced situations where family members admit to us that their loved ones were hoarders and they just can’t see any way that the sale can be done.  (One client wouldn’t call us back because she has already felt embarrassed just showing the house to other estate sale companies.)

We have to admit it is a little daunting when we encounter bedrooms so packed that all you can do is open the door.  Or, find storage rooms that are filled to the ceiling with boxes.  But, our job is to make things easy and hassle-free, even when we are a little concerned ourselves.  Fear is not an option!

To make it easy on the client, the first thing we say is that anything can be done with time, talent and planning.  Remember that it’s one box at a time, one room at a time, and one sale at a time.  It can be done, but it has to be done in phases.  The plan is to determine how to conduct a successful sale over multiple weeks, and figure out how to utilize space in the house to showcase the merchandise.  When the house is full and the sale could become difficult to shop if we continue adding merchandise, then we stop unpacking and start presenting.

As we continue the process, each phase becomes its own sale, so to speak.  Oddly enough, as pieces sell and we find more pieces as we unpack, the house takes on a different look.  In the end, we find that customers return to each week of the sale and are pleased to find what we uncover each week.

As we progress through the phases, we find it very rewarding that our clients are pleased how the once packed house has more or less come back to life.  It begins to look like it was when they remember living the house as a child before it got overwhelmed with lots of stuff.

The secret is realizing that a packed house takes time to unpack.