What makes the work worth it!

July 13, 2016

For anyone who has ever coordinated a tag/estate sale, you know it’s hard work.  Of course, we at Next Chapter understand that very well!

It’s all about digging through boxes, diving into closets filled with years of stuff, and getting our hands dirty as we keep searching for the great items hidden somewhere in all that stuff.  We were faced with that challenge again recently in Greensboro when we opened the garage door to a 1940s bungalow to see a wall of plastic storage containers, moving boxes, and dirty storage shelves.  We hoped somewhere in there were some amazing things!

About halfway through the project, our Next Chapter team pulled out four old storage containers.  Two of them were filled with ceramic eagles from the Dr. Robert Schuller collection, 22 in all.  They were impressive and beautiful!  Of course, we cleaned off a table and displayed them.  And, as always, we wondered if they would sell.

About halfway through the one-day sale, Dannie Robinson walks in.  He’s amazed at the display, and tells us that he’s always wanted to start a collection of eagles.  He buys them all!  And, the most amazing part, he continues to thank us for making his dream come true!  Dannie just could not get over the fact that we had them, and said it was an answer to a prayer.

If you want to see his photo and comments, just to to our Facebook page.  Just look under the notifications for Tuesday, July 12.

Dannie, I think I speak for everyone at Next Chapter when I say, “Thank you.”  You helped remind us at the end of a challenging week one reason why we love what we do.  It’s all about connecting people like you with stuff they’ve been trying to find.  The good news is that we have lots of stories to tell, and we love our customers!