What makes for a successful sale?

March 18, 2016

We at Next Chapter are often asked some pretty good questions as we meet with clients about doing a household transition sale. In most cases, the client has concerns about the quality of the sale. We’re asked, “But is anyone going to buy that?”.

Trying to predict what customers want in a retail environment requires a very, very good crystal ball. And, of course, the transition sale is a retail store, of sorts. Our response is pretty simple: if you don’t put it on sale, it’s hard to know. The first step is putting it on sale!

There are so many success factors in putting things on sale,  and a number of things are hard to predict. At Next Chapter, we do all we can to control those things we can control.  Here are a few:

  • Presentation. In a word, it is everything! Prepping the household goods and finding the best way to present them in their best possible light makes all the difference. We spend time finding creative ways to make sure things are noticed, and of course clean what needs to be cleaned.
  • Pricing. This involves making sure everything is priced and that the pricing is visible. Using nice tags that are appropriate for the size of the item makes a big difference.
  • Atmosphere. We work hard to stage the household goods in a way that allows free flow through the space. We also make sure the lighting is appropriate and helps make the sales space a fun environment. Music is important, too.
  • Signs. The mantra is “no magic marker signs.” Period. Just as in any other retail store, it cheapens the merchandise.
  • Attitude. What Next Chapter does is fun, and we work hard to make sure each customer enjoys the treasure hunt!

Of course, getting customers to notice the sale and come to shop is a completely different subject. Watch for tips on building traffic in our next post!