Why we love “Fixer Upper.”

May 17, 2016

The HGTV program, “Fixer Upper,” features Chip and JoJo Gaines as they travel all around Waco, TX, making dreams come true for home owners who can see the benefit of fixing up a dilapidated house.  It’s sort of a showcase for upcycling in a couple of ways, which is why we at Next Chapter love it.

From an upcycling standpoint, the Gaines do their best to keep pieces that define the character of the house.  Yes, they rip things out, but they also re-use as much as possible and often create new pieces from the old.  JoJo particularly loves shiplap!  In a recent episode, the Gaines’ worked hard to re-use brick from an original fireplace.

What we find particularly wonderful about the show is what Next Chapter tries to do at each sale.  They try to find new ways to use old things.  JoJo fills the house with decorative pieces that are re-purposed items used in interesting ways.  For example, she used an old hardware scale as a fruit bowl centerpiece for a table made of re-purposed wood.  At the end of the show as JoJo completes the decor, she always uses unusual items in a different way than originally intended.

Next Chapter loves suggesting to our customers to look at things differently as they shop.  A big  bag of vintage buttons can be mosaic tile for an art project, or looped together to make garland for a Christmas tree, or placed in glass cylinders as a conversation piece.  A container of vintage  thread can be a wall hanging, or some quirky Christmas ornaments, or glued together to create a decorative piece in your craft room.  Worn out sheet music can be framed as decorative art.  Vintage Simplicity dress patterns can become high art when placed in shadow boxes.

As you shop our sales, we’ll share some ideas and help you see the art of upcycling.  It’s a great way to let your creativity flow as you discover new treasures.