It’s all about letting go.

February 08, 2016

Letting go is more than words from the soundtrack of “Frozen.” At Next Chapter, we’ve found that our job with household transitions goes beyond just helping the clients sell their stuff. It’s about helping them let go!

An important part of what we do at Next Chapter is counseling people who are experiencing the transition, and helping them manage the emotions. We say at Next Chapter that we don’t have an emotional attachment to any of the household goods, which allows us to view it all very objectively and determine the best value for everything. This lack of emotional attachment is not shared by our clients, and we understand.

The Next Chapter goal is to make the transition easy for the client. Still, we often find ourselves asking our clients a simple question: do you value it? We follow up with: if you don’t value it, then understand that it may be something of value to someone else. Let them value it and let it go.

In a broad sense, it’s all about learning to let go of those things that are weights around your neck. As you probably have heard, purging can be very therapeutic. And, after all, life is full of opportunities for us to let go.

The purpose of our business is to give clients a way to let things go in a way that makes sense for them, and will help them make some money as a result. Next Chapter helps our clients through the transition, with the key word being “transition.” It is a process. Often, the tendency is to throw everything in boxes and give it all away as quickly as possible. That’s nearly as bad as having a transition sale before you are able to let go, especially in the case of losing a loved one.

In the end, Next Chapter works for the type of response we received from our most recent client. The client wrote us saying, “I can’t thank you enough for all you did and for bringing a sense of relief into my life.”

Letting go is a relief.