Four Basic Truths!

April 11, 2017

Whenever we meet with a prospective client, we’ve learned to share a few pieces of advice that will help during the decision process.  They pretty much apply to any client experiencing a household transition, but are sort of “the shoe fits” advice variety.  (As in if the shoe fits, wear it.)

They are listed below in no particular order:

  • Making things easy is our goal.  We tell each client that we are here to make things easy, but that can mean all sorts of things to each person.  We remind the client they can be as involved as they want to be, or not involved at all.  Whatever makes the process easy for them is what we want to to do.
  • Will it sell?  Although there are no guarantees in retail, we tell our clients that we can always guarantee it won’t sell if you don’t try to sell it.  In other words, nothing ventured is nothing gained.  As a follow up, we remind our clients that it is to everyone’s advantage that we do our very best to present the merchandise in its best possible light.
  • No un-selling.  As clients are trying to figure out whether to sell an item or not, we always remind them that they cannot “un-sell” the item.  In other words, you can always hold an item to sell later but you can’t get an item back after it has sold.  When clients are unsure, we encourage them to hold onto the item and think about it.
  • Consider the grandchildren.  Yes, it’s usually clear that the children of our clients may not want anything they have, including family heirlooms.  But, we ask the clients to consider the grandchildren.  Put a few things back that really should not be sold and offer it to the grandchildren when they are old enough to appreciate the pieces.  (Never sell your memories.)

Of course, household transitions are tough in every possible way.  We work with families that have struggled with the emotional loss as well as the financial pressure of trying to liquidate the estate.  No one really knows how someone else feels, but we believe part of our service is to help them self-evaluate a little bit.

In the end, it’s all about moving to the next chapter of your life!  (Thus, our name.)