Giving great items a second chance!

Next Chapter has a tough time letting go of some pieces that are too good to throw away and too special to give away.  Also, we understand that conducting the estate/tag sale is just one step in helping our clients make additional money on household goods that didn’t sell.

Our Second Chance program offers a number of options for us to help sell items after the on site sale has ended.  That can include placing goods online in a couple of ways, as well as connecting with liquidators and consignment shops that may be interested.

In all cases, we provide a written agreement explaining which goods are included in the Second Chance program and how those goods will be marketed.  We report regularly on items, and  pay our clients for any items that have been sold.  (Our commission structure is included in the Second Chance agreement.)

Our Second Chance items become your found treasure. Take a look! Marketplace.

This is a fairly new service provided as part of the popular estate sale site.  Basically, it’s a seven-day on line sale where we feature items that still need a new home from sales we recently conducted.  Free shipping and local pick up are offered, in most cases.

Check back here for new sales from time to time!


There are items that we feel will do well on Craigslist, and we always place a listing on Craigslist for our sales.  We place the items for our clients, and handle all inquiries as needed.

Check back often as these listings change.

Everything But The House (EBTH)

Next Chapter has formed a partnership with this national online auction service to sell larger items that have significant value and would do well with a national audience.  Next Chapter coordinates delivering the goods to the EBTH warehouse, and EBTH handles the rest.  Of course, the client receives proceeds from the sale based on the originally agreed upon commission structure.

The art of Michael Story.

Next Chapter offers pieces from the personal collection of South Carolina artist Michael Story.  Take a look.

The Art of Michael Story